Solar Services

Your company may have many clients, we work with you as if you are our ONLY client.  Our focus began in the New York solar market, and we are now carefully expanding to other markets as our clients request. For you we can take on everything except installation - because that’s your focus. Our team has supported installers and developers in getting hundreds of solar systems up and running.

We offer a multitude of customizable services, available individually (à la carte) or as a package (turnkey). Here's how it works:

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Process Consultation

The most important part of the solar project management process is getting to know YOU, our client and partner. We’ll get started with a complimentary review of your needs to determine the best course for a successful project completion.  Our team is stacked with solar solutions specialists with specific expertise in the solar industry. We will customize a plan to help you implement and navigate the complexities of your solar project, with results that get you to completion in 45-60 days (less than half the time it takes doing things on your own).

Plan Design and Engineering

Our solar design and engineering experts will turn your site assessment data into an expertly designed, structurally and electrically sound, full plan package. They are NABCEP-certified who have extensive experience in permitting and designing PV systems to maximize your project’s value while meeting existing codes and regulations . Our electricians can also examine the electrical infrastructure of your project to determine interconnection costs and options. 

In short, we plan to exceed your expectations.

Engineer Review & Stamp

Our Professional Engineers are licensed in several states and possess decades of experience in reviewing and permitting solar plan designs, and providing structural certifications. They review your plan set to ensure it’s structurally sound and meets code requirements. Once stamped, we’ll help you apply for the permitting process.

Solar Permitting & Expediting

You know the considerations of any solar installation go beyond the rooftop. We help and advise you in getting all necessary permits, including any project specific requirements (asbestos/ landmarks/elevation surveys, etc.) and electrical permit applications.

We provide access to your project, and that includes the vital permitting process, and you can check on the progress and status of your permits anytime. We offer customized permitting packages that will reduce your turn-around time drastically.

In fact, we are an accredited Special Inspection Agency (SIA) with the New York City Department of Buildings, which allows us to conduct Special Inspections during the construction process. That’s a level of accountability we offer to our clients, which verifies work is being done to the standard of quality and in accordance to approved plans and specifications. 

Utility Interconnection

For the people you serve, getting “online” is the most important part of their investment. Our team will help you obtain approval for utility interconnections, and get customers connected to the grid. We are your liaison with the utility company to get your system registered and interconnected. We have established a solid reputation and strong relationships with local energy providers to ensure a seamless transition onto the grid. It’s our focus on the details that make this part of the process much quicker, so your solar system is turned on more quickly.

State & Federal RFP Qualification (MWBE)

Sologistics is proud to be a certified Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise. According to the Small Business Administration, the federal government awards more than a quarter of its prime contracting dollars to companies with such certifications. This means we can expand our clients’ ability to bid on contracts that require MWBE certification, giving them a larger market to compete in, and a distinct advantage in a competitive market.

Design Quality Assurance

Inspections begin well before the install, starting with your design plans and paperwork applications.

Sologistics will validate your designs and applications and provide you with a thorough quality assurance so you can confidently call for your AHJ inspections. We review your submissions with an eye towards relevant state and local jurisdictions' codes and requirements to help our clients tender their plan sets with confidence and ensure projects are not derailed.


Installation Quality Assurance

You’re almost to the finish line, but site inspections pose the largest hurdle. Several inspections involving ConEd, NYSERDA and others cover more than 100 items and failure can result in costly reworks, fees and even fines and further sanctions, delaying your project and possibly blacklisting you if issues are severe enough.

Sologistics is also a Special Inspection Agency (SIA) in New York, which means we provide clients with a thorough, preliminary quality assurance inspection (including boots on the ground if necessary), of wiring and installation of your project - everything building and third party inspectors look for.